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Cultivate a Marvelous Inner World for Your Dream Lifestyle | Lessons from The Addams Family

Before I begin, I just have to say that this is a transmission that I received after internally gushing over the amazing Easter eggs found in The Addams Family franchise lol. Both the '60s sitcom and the '90s movies have me in awe with how many gems they drop when it comes to cultivating a lifestyle of happiness, passion, and romance. These are my findings and insight on that:

I was watching an episode of The Addams Family sitcom and something Morticia said highly resonated with me (as if nothing else she ever says does, she's literally one of my muses lol). In their living room, her and Gomez experienced some sort of disturbance from someone who visited them, and as soon as the situation ended, Morticia seductively looked at her husband to say, "Good. Now we can go back to our own little world."

That had me dramatically gasping, mouth agape, and eyes bulging! At that moment, I knew it was THAT simple; the Addams clan was blissfully happy all the time because they tended heavily to their own internal world.

They had their own routines, activities, and hobbies they'd participate in daily as a family unit and by their lonesome, and they did all of this while undisturbed from the outside world...well, sort of.

You can sense the amount of confidence, assurance, and peace every member has with themselves, because even when met with disapproval and disgust from strangers or acquaintances, they know who they are and what they enjoy and no one's opinion can sully that. How admirable and inspiring!

This is why I severely agree with Morticia, that living in our own little world is incredibly beneficial to our happiness, wellness, and state-of-being.

I can already hear the rebuttal to this notion as if I've heard it before lol. "But Jamila, shouldn't they be living in reality? There is only the outer world and they should acknowledge it! What's the point of building an internal world if the external world sucks so hard?"

Firstly, I can understand how this all sounds illogical to those who only believe in what they can see, but we're not here to talk about logic, we're discussing how we can FEEL better. As soon as we get the egoic mind, the thinking mind, involved in the realm of metaphysics and self-development, the more we're going to talk ourselves out of creating a joyful life. Our thoughts are not the enemy, but they're not the cure either. You can't think yourself out of a bad situation, but you can always feel your way through in the moment.

In cultivating a wondrous lifestyle, our beautiful inner world, we need to be aware of and acknowledge how certain activities feel to us. Sometimes we can be so closed off and numbed out to our heart center, that we're completely unconscious of how things make us feel; therefore we'd just be trudging through life doing what we're expected to do if we don't actively choose what our path looks like.

And you know what your path looks like based on how participating in such actions would make you feel. You know when something feels fantastic or the complete opposite. In that case, it's up to you to add things into your lifestyle that highly align with you and subtract the ones that make you feel miserable.

It's not easy but it's also not impossible.

This topic is very similar to the concept of "romanticizing your life" but in a more expansive way; because yes, we want our lifestyles to be full of wonder and amusement, but we also want it to create steps to an abundant future and support our life purpose. Make your lifestyle as pretty as you want, but if it doesn't truly align with you and your passions, then your life will just be a beautiful mess.

So what does it mean to live in your own little world? That's a great question, because it all depends on what you desire to experience on the daily. What are your interests? What are your favorite activities? How can you make the necessary activities of the day more fun and easy?

Consider what deeply resonates with you and what doesn't and as soon as you do that, you know exactly what changes you'd need to make. Of course it's going to be uncomfortable, weird, or uncertain, but that's how change is supposed to feel like because you're venturing into the unknown, the unfamiliar.

As tough as it sounds, it's best to just push through the fear and discomfort. There's no pill, elixir, or spell that can completely relieve you of the temporary uncertainty of taking a leap of faith. Just know that once you encounter it, the feelings will eventually fleet and you will be on the other side relishing in the heaven on Earth you've created for yourself.

So, why wait? Your personal and spiritual development, future, and state-of-being are dependent on what path you choose to embark on in the moment. Decide right now that you're worth putting effort into, that your lifestyle should be a reflection of your goals and interests, and that true ecstasy is available to you at all times.

This therein lies the peace of creating a brilliant inner world: no matter where you turn or how tedious a task may be, you will always find a way to be enthusiastic about life which will make you even more magnetic to your desires.

Steps to Cultivating a Marvelous Inner World

1. Take inventory of your current daily regimen

Most of the time we are running on auto-pilot and aren't even aware of what our day looks or feels like. We just wake up, go to the bathroom, go to work, eat dinner, watch TV, go to sleep, and do it all over again without a second thought.

If you were to write down a list of every task you needed to complete in your typical daily or weekly routine, what would you notice? Of course there will be some activities that you'd rather not do, but what can be done to make them less tedious or anxiety-inducing?

Pay close attention to how these tasks make you feel, consider how you can carry them out harmoniously, and use your imagination to put together a picture of your perfect day regardless if you're going to work or doing something banal.

2. Decide what activities and tasks would make your day enjoyable or expansive

Now that you're conscious of what you need to do in your busy schedule, deeply examine what you WANT to do everyday. Because I'm pretty sure you don't accept having over 80% of your life going towards things that don't even bring you joy or growth.

Choose what you'd prefer to do or the way in which you do certain things, and choose wisely. You can do so through writing a list or mentally noting what exact actions will fill up your cup while completing the day's necessary tasks, regardless if they seem strange to the outside world.

Stop letting your employers, your peers, your family members, or anyone you seek approval from dictate how you should live your life. Even from me! No matter how "ridiculous," "unrealistic," or "difficult" people try to convince you that your goals or desires are, do them anyways. You'll thank yourself later.

3. Pay more attention to your inner circle or close loved ones and eliminate unnecessary outside chatter

I'm sure you already know I'm not suggesting that you isolate or disconnect yourself from the world, however, we don't need that many people in our lives in order to feel secure and loved.

When it comes to having friends, networks, and even followers or subscribers on our social media accounts, we seem to believe that quantity equals quality and that is severely not the case. In fact, it is the opposite that is true. Think about it: what does one truly gain from having a myriad of friends, especially if they don't align with most of them anyways?

Yes, it may feel safe and reassuring to know that we have more people than we can count support us in certain ways, but out of all those folks, I can guarantee you that only a small percentage of them can be called an actual friend. We're all searching for our tribe or tight-knit community of people who fully understand and align with us, but we'd just have a bunch of deadweight if we keep them around just for the ego boost of having a large amount of "friends."

If anything, not everyone will be worth giving your time, energy, and vulnerability to, and that's perfectly okay. It's not rude or inconsiderate of you to acknowledge this, it's conserving your energy for those with which you have a deep bond and connection and reflect your morals and values. So don't be scared to keep your circle small and the noise of the external world quiet, it'll always benefit you.

4. Be unapologetic and unbothered with your lifestyle even if it seems weird to others

Another great lesson we can learn from The Addams Family! Although they were all born into extremely unconventional families and are the complete epitome of nonconformity, they take pride in their abundant lifestyles and relationships. Yes, it may seem strange to most, but the only opinions they truly value are their own.

We can't keep going through life concerned of the possible judgments others will make of us if we decided to operate from our authentic core. Our journey is not for them to understand, and it does us NO good to put ourselves in a box all to avoid outside approval. Like honestly, how will that make us happy?

If anything, it makes us angry, bitter, and resentful. There is nothing advantageous or humble about limiting our divine gifts, purpose, joy, and communication from our Higher Self just to fit in. I understand that we as humans innately value connection and confirmation from other humans, but there has to come a time where we approve of ourselves so much that any kind of opinion just feels like ordinary words.

It'll hurt, it'll sting, but nothing will cut you deeper than squandering your beautiful life filled with amazing possibilities in order to shield yourself from judgment. People talk no matter what, might as well give them something interesting to talk about!

5. Continuously eliminate what tasks feel inauthentic over time as you grow

As you enthusiastically cultivate your inner world, make sure you don't remain stagnant with certain activities. It's fantastic that you deeply enjoy these daily regimens, but there will be some that might feel bleh after a while and that's completely normal. We are allowed to outgrow what once made us light up inside.

This is your Higher Self wanting you to expand and ascend to the next level, meaning that you could completely change that certain task or advance on that same one. Once again, you'll know when that time has come based on how you feel, so be fully present and mindful of the sensations you experience in your body as you go about your lovely days.

Embrace this type of growth even if it feels uncomfortable because the only true death on this physical plane is stagnation. Avoid it like the plague.

So there you have it, dearies. You have all the tools and intuitive knowing to create the lifestyle regimens of your dreams and I highly encourage you to begin TODAY. I know we like to put things off until it feels like the "right time," but there is only now and the sooner you start, the sooner you'll be in alignment with your desires and true bliss. Enjoy the process, make it fun, and make sure it represents your most authentic version every moment of the day.

Much love and until next time, my lovely darklings xoxoxo

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